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B2B Lead Generation
For Agency Owners

We guarantee 10-15 Appointments A month
without retainers, or paid ads using our
2.0 client acquisition system

We guarantee 10-15 Appointments per month without retainers, or paid ads using our 2.0 client acquisition system

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How Brandly Studio Is Helping agency owners Scale Aggressively

We add minimum $15k - $30k MRR

Avg closing rate
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2.0 client acquisition system


Tailored Email Campaigns


LinkedIn Outreach


Tech & Domain Setup

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Qualified Leads


Guaranteed Results Delivery

How It Works and

why brandly studio

◦ We only make money when you make money.
◦ So you only pay us per qualified sales call.
◦ We use 2.0 client acquisition system to fill your sales pipeline.

◦ Serving only the digital marketing agencies.
◦ We book a minimum of 10-15 qualified sales calls per month.
◦ Proven success. E.g. Cubatica SMMA Agency – We added $10K MRR in just 30 days and we added $200k in 6 months for Elite digital marketing agency.

◦ Digital marketing agencies & B2B businesses.
◦ Businesses already generating at least $5K per month
◦ Companies with a solid sales team set for expansion.

◦ Click the “BOOK A CALL” button to schedule a call.
◦ Meet Krishna and get a custom strategy over Zoom.
◦ Then we set up our 2.0 client acquisition system for your business.

◦ We only work with 10 clients at any given moment.
◦ If you don’t see 10/10 it means we have openings to take on additional clients.

Laser Outreach Method

With our


Client Acquisition System

Cold email


AI Automation


Return On Investment


See What Our Happy Customers Say

They helped with connecting accounts, adding 100’s of emails to my account from Zoho/G Suite, fixing account issues, writing copy, finding the performing email, and securing leads. If you want to run cold email I would really consider brandly studio.


Great communication, easy to work with, very accountable and does an excellent job. I was having a very hard time picking the correct email marketing specialist to work with but krishna was by far the most talented and I am very happy working with him. I highly recommend krishna for all of your email marketing related projects!


Got 12 appointments within 35 days of campaign launch. One of the best thing about krishna is the prompt delivery. Happy working with krishna and his team.


Krishna was great, delivered exactly what I asked for. One of the best thing about krishna is the prompt delivery. Happy working with krishna and his team.

dan - client


Brandly Studio have been awesome in providing us highly converting sales calls for the past one month, They have been consistent with numbers and I highly recommend them.

Reggie - client


Krishna is incredible. It has been a pleasure working with him. He is very skilled and his client acquisition skills were even better than what he promised. Highly recommended. 5/5 🙂

sally - client


about us

krishna - brandly studio owner

Founded by Krishna who's been in this marketing space for the past 5 years working with the best clients globally.

Welcome to Brandly Studio, the brainchild of Krishna, with expert team in the realm of digital marketing and lead generation.

With a passion for helping agencies thrive in a competitive landscape, Krishna has dedicated himself to mastering the art of connecting businesses with their ideal clients.

We bring the right opportunities into your sales teams’ calendars. We grow your pipeline by managing research, campaign creation, outbound sales and inbox management.

We work as your lead gen studio taking care of all the time-consuming top-of-funnel activities, so your team can spend more time closing sales.

krishna - brandly studio owner

Now you have 3 options:

Option 1: Do it yourself
  • This could work, however, the skills needed are so specialized, that it will take you at least 8 hours per day for at least 6 months to become proficient without any help.
  • And by the time you are complete, there will be new technology on the market that you need to account for.
  • This is not easy, to be honest. Trust me I have been there, trying multiple strategies and watching countless YouTube videos only to be confused again.
Option 2: Hire a team in-house to do it for you
  • But the problem is that it will cost you somewhere between $20k – $30k per month to hire a Business Development Manager, BDRs, marketer, and copywriters.
  • And 2-3 hours per day to properly manage the system. You also need to spend $1K plus every month on the software.
Option 3: Work with us

Choose Brandly Studio for efficient and cost-effective outbound prospecting. Ideal for marketing agencies aiming for rapid growth to $200k, we fill your sales pipeline with our 2.0 client acquisition system.


What Brandly Studio Offers:

  • Expert Marketing Partnership: Collaborate with seasoned marketers specialized in scaling digital marketing companies.
  • Comprehensive Done-For-You Service: We handle all your marketing needs, so you can focus on product development and business growth.
  • Rapid Path to $200k: Implement our strategies to potentially reach $200k in 8 months.
  • End Marketing Woes: Replace ineffective agencies with our targeted, results-driven approach.
  • Lead Generation Revolution: Experience unprecedented lead generation rates..
  • Website Optimization: Transform your website into a high-converting platform, driving sales and bookings.
  • Full-Scale Campaign Management: From building to running outbound campaigns and automation, we cover everything to maximize your sales opportunities.

Embrace the Brandly Studio way for empowered, confident, and motivated growth.

Free Strategy Call

By the end of this strategy call, you will have a clear understanding of the next steps you can take for your business to start generating consistent qualified appointments into your sales pipeline.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know this will work for me?
  • We qualify all the people we decide to work with. If we believe our service won’t be able to work for you, we won’t take you on.
  • It has to make sense for both of us, as we only make money if you make money.
  • But with that being said, we have never not been able to make it work for any of our clients, so if we decide to move forward, it will 100% work.
  • You have my word on that.
What is the Laser Outreach Method?
  • The Laser Outreach Method is our proprietary approach to lead generation, which involves a highly targeted and personalized strategy for reaching out to potential clients.
  • It combines precise audience targeting, custom email campaigns, LinkedIn optimization, and advanced tech integration to deliver qualified leads directly to your agency.
How do you ensure the leads are qualified?
  • We use a meticulous process to qualify leads, starting with in-depth research to understand your ideal customer profile (ICP).
  • This is followed by crafting tailored messaging and employing strategic outreach methods.
  • Only leads that show genuine interest and fit your ICP criteria are considered qualified and delivered to you.
Can I expect a consistent number of leads each month?
  • Yes, our goal is to provide you with a steady flow of leads. While the exact number can vary based on market factors and your specific niche.
  • We aim to deliver between 10 to 15 qualified sales calls per month, as per our service guarantee.
I’m already very busy. How much time will I need to dedicate to making this work?
  • We will need some information about your business to get started. After that, the only thing you need to do is take the sales calls and focus on making your product better than it already is.

We will handle everything else:

  • Building your Business

  • Building your Website

  • Messaging them

  • Following up with them

  • Booking them in for a meeting

  • Email Set Up

  • Campaign Creation

  • Campaign Testing

  • Campaign Optimisation

  • Lead sourcing

  • ​​Tech Setup (buy domains, warm up domains, set up inboxes)

  • List Cleaning/Optimisation

  • Domain health

  • LinkedIn Profile Optimization

  • LinkedIn Campaign Creation + Testing

  • Weekly Performance Reporting optimization.

Will Brandly Studio help in closing the leads?
  • Our focus is on getting qualified leads and sales meetings booked into your calendar. While we ensure that these leads are primed for your services, the actual closing of these leads is up to you.
  • We recommend having the right infrastructure and sales processes in place to effectively convert these opportunities.
I have tried cold email and LinkedIn outreach before and it didn’t work, why will it work this time?
  • Most companies think you can just start sending out cold emails and LinkedIn messages and you will book sales meetings, but that’s not how it works.
  • In order to make outbound prospecting work, you need to align your sales argument, your website, and your outbound message so they all synergize together.
  • I learned this the hard way, but if you get this right, outbound prospecting is the most powerful way to generate sales meetings and grow a business.
What happens if the target is not met?
  • We only get paid per qualified sales call we bring to your calender.
  • This policy is part of our commitment to risk-free, results-oriented service.
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Brandly Studio will build and manage your outbound campaigns with the laser outreach method.

We work on a strictly Pay-Per-Call basis. That means you only pay us when we start putting meetings in your calendar.

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